Attack of the 2.5″ was created to discuss the reality that many firefighters do not know when or how to deploy a 2.5″ handline with confidence. The course takes an in-depth look into how equipment selection, positioning, and training will provide practical solutions that will guide any department towards confident deployments, regardless of staffing or size. Students will have the opportunity to learn through lecture, hands-on training, or a combination of both formats.


9/12 Eaton Fire Department (Eaton, Colorado)

10/3 Space City FOOLs (Harris County, TX)

10/26 Aldine Fire Department (Harris County, TX)


1/3 HOT FOOLs (Plano, TX)

1/4 HOT FOOLs (Plano, TX)

1/10 Houston Fire (Houston, TX)

2/12 Community Volunteer Fire Department (Houston, TX)


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