Attack of the 2.5″

Our goal should always be to overwhelm fire, never the other way around. It’s taught that “big fire gets big water,” but applying that knowledge seems to be an obstacle for many fire departments. As firefighters, we should know the capabilities of every one of the lines coming off of the engine, and be able to closely match our chosen attack line to the fires we encounter.

The 2.5″ hose line is often overlooked for a variety of reasons including manpower, maneuverability, and a general misunderstanding of the line. Far to often, the 1.75″ handline is pulled out of habit and, when it fails to bring the fire under control, the 2.5″ is skipped over in favor of defensive master stream devices. The 2.5″ hose has been the back-bone of the fire service for decades and must not be disregarded as a viable option.

Attack of the 2.5″ goes in to the nuts-and-bolts of the medium diameter handline discussing why we struggle to pull the line, when the line should be used, and provides valuable, practical insights into how we can ensure that the 2.5″ line becomes part of the arsenal of every engine company.

If you are interested in hosting the course or have questions regarding anything that is said, please don’t hesitate to contact me. The video below is a brief glimpse into the material that is provided.


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