Make It Personal

We live in a society that has shifted from valuing personal relationships to one that is satisfied with brief interactions. Instead, how we portray ourselves online has become the sole focus of so many. Even for those who are not regularly posting updates, social interactions are on the decline due to regularly checking in on those who do. If ten people are placed in a room, at least eight of them will have pulled the phone out of their pocket within a couple of minutes.

I challenge you to fight this from being the “normal” in your station. While the benefits to technology are numerous, it can also be destructive. It is keeping us from really knowing the rest of our crew. It is competing against the time that was traditionally spent training. It is draining us of empathy towards others in our community; the impersonal nature of our online interactions are carrying over to our day-to-day interactions.

There should be a conscious decision made to reverse the trend towards only carrying an attention span of 140 characters or less. It shouldn’t be annoyance to dedicate more than 6 seconds of our time, as many videos would lead us to believe. Take the time to discuss responsibilities, expectations, and “what-if” scenarios. Put in work. Challenge the status-quo. Ask questions. A crew committed to this mentality has the ability to shift the direction of an entire department.

I’ll try to keep this brief; get back to engaging with those who are around you. Learn, grow, and pass it along!


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